Understanding Collections in MEMCM

Hi everyone!

Today’s topic gonna be a talk about collection in MEMCM, It’s always there and we need to understand how they work so we can have a really good environment to work with right?
There is not much documentation about Collection in MEMCM, you can find it below here:


The thing is I want you to understand is its something that is really sensitive, if you have thousands of collections, there are just 6 threads that can evaluate at the same time, and every query gonna take 1-3 seconds to evaluate.

And the hard part is if you have very long Tiers of collections, with tiers I mean Limiting inside Limiting, if you add a computer to the top Tier, all the tiers below gonna evaluate. So keep it simple its rule number 1!

I’m gonna show you some pictures so you get the bigger picture before you designing MEMCM

Here is an example of some tiers, and for example, we have a query that adds a computer to “Sweden” guess which collections are updating?

EVERY collection below updates, when I say below, every tier below.

let say its just a normal cycle, without any added member, it’s just “Sweden” that updates

Best practices

So what’s the best practice if you ask me. I would suggest that you should just choose 3 tiers total, and the middle tier should be just running one time a day if possible.
So something like this

And now when you adding clients to Sweden’s daily run, it will update it when the client is added, that is gonna happen no matter what, but the thing is, its just adds computer one time a day because the cycle is set to this.

Now you have more a healthy system center that gonna have “faster” cycle times in general.

Include /Exclude

Another thing that is really messy is Include and Exclude collections, Let say you have a collection with models combining with locations like this below. Red arrows are included, and black arrows are limiting
So in this design below, we have Zbook 17 including inside a collection of “HP models in Stockholm”,
So now, guess what happens if we add a new computer inside “All HP models collection”

ALL collections updating, like the picture below

Even though it didn’t update the Student’s membership, didn’t add any new members, it still updates that collection.

So my advice, NEVER use include/exclude what so ever!

Think that is all, Have a nice November evening everyone!


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