Is Windows Powershell Complete? What about Powershell Core?

Just looked at a very exciting video with Jeffrey Snover, and its about Powershell.

Gonna recap this video in a few pictures for you guys.

He explains that Windows Powershell is done, no more “New features” and so on. Just security patches etc.

So whats happens now? They building a New Tool, called Powershell Core

Taking the best of Windows Powershell, and its no need of .net framework.


They finnally go “Open source” and run on Anything, even your dishwasher 😉

To download this go to :

And you can remote “Windows powershell” from that tool. So dont be scared.

And like picture above, you can just
Import -module .\rModule.psm1 (Ofc you need to download that module first to your machine and its not available yet unfortunately)
Get-Command -Module rModule  (Ah Okay, we can write Get-rModule)
Get-rModule -ListAvailable -computername Localhost

Now its imported all the modules that are on the local machine. Then we take Applocker for an example.
So now
Import-rModule Applocker -computername Localhost
Get-Command -Module Applocker

And it Works.

Kinda cool huh?

Here’s the video if you wanna look at it:


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